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August 2014 Meetup report

The August Bangpypers meetup happened at the InMobi office near Bellandur. Kracekumar facilitated the workshop. Siva helped the meetup as a volunteer. After a few initial hiccups of trying to get the projector up and running the session started around 10.30AM and concluded around 1:30PM.

The content was about what all goes into writing a web framework. It was targeted at people who already had some experience with using a framework. Starting off with the very basics oh handling a request and sending a response, the workshop was taken forward step by step.

There were about 45 participants for the workshop, one of them personally thanking Krace for all the workshops that he had done previously. Apparently after attending them and learning Python, he recently got a Python gig.

Towards the end, a copy of Two Scoops of Django and Python 101 were circulated among the participants. Some of the participants and organizers hung around to discuss about the upcoming Python India Conference and the Python Express initiative.

Find the content of the workshop here

Special thanks to Iliyas Shirol for being a great help in organizing the event at InMobi.