BangPypers The Bangalore Python User Group

January 2015 Meetup report

The January Bangpypers meetup happened at the Goibibo office near Trinity Metro Station. This time we had a total of six talks from 10:30AM to 1:15PM.

45 people attended the talks. The first talk An introduction to faster data processing using Blaze by Bargava. The talk explained the different pros and cons of using Blaze for data processing. The next talk Living in Farm and Learning Python by Vaibhav. Vaibhav talked on his life at Jaaga Study and how he leads a disciplined life and thrives to learn something new everyday.


After the break, Sushant gave a talk on Writing an Ansible Module. He started off with a small introduction to Ansible. Later, he talked on about roles, playbooks and tasks in Ansible and how Ansible is the perfect tool for provisioning your servers and how easy its to get started with Ansible. The next talk was taken by Abhishek on Heroku starter Template. He gave a demonstration of a minimalistic template he wrote for starting off with a Django project and deploying it to Heroku.

photo2 Jaseem explained the library named Colander. He explained the main components of Colander - serialization, de-serialization and validation. He also demoed a few examples on how trivial its to do validation in Colander. The last talk was by Sriram on Robot Framework. He discussed on how to automate the process of testing using the Robot Framework.