BangPypers The Bangalore Python User Group

April 2015 Meetup report

The April BangPypers meetup happened at IBM, Domlur. This time we had 4 talks from 10:30AM to 1.10PM.

40+ people attended the talks. The first talk was about Enough iPython For Everyday Programming by Anand Reddy Pandikunta. The talk covered various IPython features, integration with Emacs etc … There were lot of interaction from participants. Here is the link to slides.

Second talk was by Bargava and Ragotham about plotting libraries in Python. The talk provoked lot of interesting discussions.

Third talk was by Anirudh about Basics of NLP. The slides for the talk can found in slideshare.

Last talk was by Arun Ravindran about Emacs and Python. There were lot of Emacs users in our meetups :-) Presentation was in org mode and markdown version.

There were lot of discussions during and after talks. Thanks for all speakers, participants and IBM for hosting the event.