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September 2015 workshop report

The September BangPypers workshop happened at the Akamai Technologies office near Bellandur.

The workshop was an introduction to data analysis. The presenters were Bargav and Amit Kapoor.

Workshop started with a brief explanation about data analysis. Later they helped participants to setup environment. They explained how to acquire data, refine it, explore data, build models and turn data into insight. They explained about various packages that are available for data analysis at various stages and particular use cases for those packages.

Content used for workshop is available here

Also there were few books available at meetup. Puneet borrowed Data Science from scrath, Shanki borrowed Two scoops of django and Anand borrowed Python for data analysis. Some free books were also distributed to participants.

Here are a few snapshots from the workshop:





Thanks to speakers, participants for making meetup awesome and Akamai Technologies for hosting the event.

If you need any help with Python or Bangpypers events, you chat with us at Bangpypers slack channel.