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Talks – Jan, 2017

Thought Factory in Diamond District hosted first meetup of the year. The meetup started in the morning at 10:30 AM and went on till 1:00 PM. Close to 40 folks walked in. There were three talks. Two full-length talks, 30+ minutes and one 15 minutes talk.

The first talk was by Ram about setting up Jenkins Pipeline. Trust me Jenkins is a beast Open Source CI/CD/More software. Here is the link to the talk demo.

AWS lambda using Python

The second talk was by Bibhas, quick introduction to AWS Lambda using Python. AWS Lambda is one of the leading providers of serverless architecture. I feel the name is a misnomer! Here is the link to the presentation.

Concurrency in Python 3.0

Anand B gave climax talk of the meetup. He spoke about Concurrency in Python 3.0. If you have spent a little bit time in Python, you must have heard about infamous GIL! He talked about multi-threading, multi-processing, asyncio and when to use each one of them. The content is private, and you can leave a comment in the meetup against Anand’s comment to receive the snippets in your inbox.

See you at the next meetup!