Abhiram Abhiram - Co-Organiser

Talks – June, 2017

For June’s session, we continued the “Journey to the Kernel” theme. The venue was Nutanix, and the 3 speakers, this time spoke again on topics related to the internals of Python. The talks were each of 40-minutes.

The first talk was by Shaifali Agarwal and she spoke about Generators and how they’re internally constructed.

YouTube video for the talk -


The second and third talks were by Prashant Raghu , with the second one being about How the Interpretor works from the Code Level. He started off with explaining the code structure of CPython, then moved on to speaking about how different abstracted keywords (type, list etc) could be viewed from within the CPython code.

After a short break, Prashant continued with the third session speaking about Abstract Syntax Trees.

YouTube video for the talks -

How the Interpretor works from the Code Level


Abstract Syntax Trees


The fourth and final talk was presented by Rahul Pydimukkala and his topic was A walk through CPython source tree with emphasis on the key pieces of the code of the interpreter . He spoke about how the interpretor breaks down each Python program statement into ASM (using opcodes). He illustrated this by using different sample programs and disassembling them and then showing where each of these opcodes are defined in the CPython code.

YouTube video for the talk -


Hope you enjoyed the talks! See you again next time!

Some pics from the meetup -

p1 p2 p3

The entire Youtube Playlist for the above mentioned talks are available here