We at Bangpypers started our year with an openhouse session on twitter spaces. We had quite a few joining us for an hour-long discussion around everything python. The range of topics that we discussed includes:

  • How python is used in the crypto space?
  • The pros and cons of using python as the first language in teaching programming.
  • On similar lines, how Django abstracts most of the intricacies of web development compared to Flask and if it would be a good choice to be the first framework for web development.
  • How effectively are the newly released language feature are put to use in functional day to day coding. Few of the features we pondered are:
  • Analyzing the experiences of using ASGI in unison with Django.
  • Weighing the flexibility of different ORM used with Django.(here is the list of resources to help)

Yeah, we were surprised too, for a change the discussion mostly revolved around web development alone with no hint of data science at all. If you like to participate in more such openhouse sessions do follow us here

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