Rahul Kumaresan

June Meetup

After a well-received offline meetup in May, we organised the next edition of the meetup on the 18th of June at Cyware Labs Bangalore. About 40 people turned up to the event to participate and learn a thing or two from the good set of talks that we had lined up.

Krace Kumar started out the first talk discussing ‘Python Database API specification’ drafted in PEP 249. This was a good discussion that had something for folks at every stage of the python mastery journey. Krace detailed how a PEP is to be consumed and went on to demo the implementation of the specification which branched out into a few good discussions around ORMs and different libraries in python to handle DB connections.

Building up on the DB theme the second talk was by Abdeali(Ali) Kothari, discussing how queries can be faster by combining Marshmallow with SQLAlchemy. Ali took us on a journey as to why ORMs are slow and SQLs are fast starting from the basic understanding of the different means by which SQLAlchemy tries to abstract the interfacing with the DB. We went on to understand how sqlalchemy.orm functions in comparison to sqlalchemy.sql ones. By the end of the talk we had covered a good chunk of detail about SQLAlchemy and ORM execution patterns in general through demos that discussed lazy-execution, eager-loading of queries. This was an information-packed talk giving us a taste of the kind of expertise and passion that Ali had developed towards this topic.

With two talks dwelling in realm of DataBases, the next one was around Software development pipelines(CI/CD) and Testing. Ashwin Hegde from Cyware narrated his journey in the industry where we understood how the CI/CD process itself has matured as it stands today. This talk cum conversation was very interactive and informative especially for the folks who were new to the industry. Ashwin proceeded to discuss how “(It’s) Every engineer’s God-given right to create a mess” and that being the very reason why Good pipelines that “(has) some defence before code goes into production and some defence after code goes into production” and why the whole battery UA testing is required.

To wind up this edition of the meetup we had a lightning talk by Shamail from Cyware, about AsyncIO with some white-boarding detailing the different adaptations of Asynchronous execution in different language ecosystems and how the AsyncIO in python is different in certain regards an how it can be harnessed next time we write code.

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