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June 2015 workshop report

The June BangPypers workshop happened at the Akamai Technologies office near Bellandur.

The workshop was focused on getting started with machine learning using pandas, scipy, numpy, matplotlib & scikit-learn. The presenters were Bargav and Ragotham. They started workshop by explaining what is machine learning, machine learning terminology, various problems that arise in machine learning and pros, cons of various machine learning models.

After theory, they helped participants to setup environment and download sample data. After that, using pandas they have examined the sample data. Later by using scikit-learn, they showed how to classify data and how to measure the accuracy of various models.

Most of the workshop was interactive and participants asked lots of questions on the problems they had with machine learning and clarified their doubts.

Slides of workshop are here and content is available here.

Few snapshots from the workshop:



Kudos to participants for making the workshop great and thanks to Akamai Technologies for providing the space.