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August 2015 meetup report

The August BangPypers talks happened at the Blue Jeans in Prestige tech park. Nearly 50 people attended the event!

First talks was Introduction to Exception Handling by M.Tech student Janaki.


This talk covered various exceptions, why they occur, how to handle them. This talk is focused on beginners. Slides can be found here.

Second talk was Web servers - forking, pre-forking, threading, async processing by Jitendra.


This talk started with brief introduction to socket programming and then servers, forking, pre-forking, threading, async processing request. Speaker also explained the functional differences between Apache & Nginx. Slides can be found here

Third talk was Using Regular Expressions by Arvind Padmanabhan.


This talk was for beginners and entire presentation was live demo. It covered introduction to regex, basic syntax, usage of ‘re’ module, various practical regex use cases like Django url routing, ip address matching, pitfalls with regex and when not to use regex. Code used for demo is available here.

At the end, there was a flash talk by Ram about their Product which is used for media storage management and how Python made it quite easier to build their product.


In case if You’re interested to give talk or a workshop, please leave comment in the meetup page.

Thanks to speakers, participants for making meetup awesome and BlueJeans for hosting the event.