BangPypers The Bangalore Python User Group

November 2015 Workshop report

What a great turnout! 133 people attended Python 101 workshop. Most number of participants in the history of Bangpypers.

The November Bangpypers workshop happened at the Juniper Networks office in Kadubeesinahalli. The session started at 10:30AM and concluded around 4:30PM.

Shrishty, Nitin came forward to take workshop. Siva, Vignesh, Anurag, Janki, Madhu, Priyal Jain, Deborah Digges, Kracekumar and Anand were volunteers for the session.

Before beginning session, volunteers helped participants with installation of python. Shrishty started morning session by explaning about python interpreter and various cli options available for it. Afterwards she expained about basic things like arthimetic, variables, strings. Later she expained about python data structures(tuples, dictionaries, lists), various operations on data structures and when to use which one.

There was lunch break around 1:00pm. Juniper networks sponsored lunch. After lunch, workshop resumed around 2:00pm.

Nitin started off session with control flows. He expained about control flows, showed some examples and asked participants to solve some problems. Afterwards he expained about functions, various inbuilt functions. Then he teached about file handling. Later he expained about object oriented programming, classes, inheritance.

Entire workshop was very interactive with lots of interesting questions from participants and speakers explanation about them.

In the end, Shiva & Krace kumar took live feedback from participants and answered many questions. Thanks Juniper Networks for hosting us.

Here are a few snapshots from workshop