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November talks 2015 meetup report

The November BangPypers talks happened at the Aerospike in Ejipura. 35 people attended the event. We had 4 talks, commenced at 10:30 AM.

First talk was Android UI test automation by RajaniKanth Reddy. Talk was about uiautomator features, integration with pytest and ease of use.

First Talk

Second talk was Interacting excel files with Python xlrd module by Mahtab Alam. This was crisp talk covered, Reading multiple excel files, aggregating results and reporting the aggregate results.

Second Talk

Third talk was Python coding standards (PEP8/PEP257) by Sharad Singla. Talk focused on writing good, maintable doc string and adhering to PEP 8 standards with pointers.

Third Talk

Final talk was Pandas Data Frames by Sasidhar. Sasidhar spoke about data frames, visualizing data and inbuilt capabilities of Pandas using Mutual fund data. Here is the link to presentation.

Fourth Talk

Thanks to speakers, participants for making meetup awesome and Aerospike for hosting the event.