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March 2016 BangPypers Workshop Report

March Bangpypers meetup happened at the 30 people attended the meetup. Session started around 10:30.

Jitendra Agrawal conducted workshop on Solr and Indrajit Rajtilak volunteered for the session.

Apache Solr is a fast, open source and easy to use search platform built on top of Apache Lucene. He explained the limitations of database search functionality and why solr is required for searching. Then they helped participants to install and run basic queries on solr. Later speaker about customising solr.

Next, they created a simple django app. Using django-haystack, they built an index from django models. Once index is built, they quired index from CLI and also created a view to query the index.

There are lot of questions from participants and session was very interactive. You can checkout slides from here and django app code is available here.

Here are a few pictures from workshop.




Thanks to for sponsoring lunch & t-shirts.

If you wanted to give talks or conduct workshop, please leave a comment on meetup page.