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Django Workshop – June 2016 Meetup

June Bangpypers meetup happened at the Knowlarity office near Trinity. Kracekumar facilitated the workshop. 57 people attended the workshop.


The session started around 10.30AM and concluded around 4PM. The content was about web development with Django. It is for people who are new to web development and wanted to learn django.

Krace started workshop with the demo of the web application that we will be builing during workshop.


He explained how to create django projects, django apps and differences between them. Then he explained about django models, created models for Todo app and showed how to read, write & delete records from shell as well as admin.

Then he explained about views, created a hello world view. Later he showed how to create list view and detail view for Todo items.

Then we break for lunch at 1PM. Workshop resumed at 1:45PM.

During this session he explained about http methods. He showed how to create views to create new todo item, edit and delete them.

After this several participants asked various questions about django, web development and other things and Kracekumar answered them. Several participants personally thanked Krace for taking time to conduct workshop.


Content of the workshop is available on github.

Thanks to Kracekumar for facilitating the workshop and Knowlarity for hosting the event.