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Talks About Automatic – 2016 August Meetup

August meetup happened at the office. 60 people attended the event. For the first time, all talks were arranged in Automation theme. Thanks for the warm response from the audience and enthusiastic proposals from speakers.

We had a hiccup with the projector and lost fifteen minutes, but meet up commenced on time.

Praveen presented the first talk “Building and maintaining a self-developed test-suite”. You can find the slides of the session here.

The Second talk was by JoyDeep about “Windows task automation using pywinauto”. The crisp talk duration was fifteen minutes.

You can find Slides for the talk in GoogleDrive and, the code snippet in GitHub.

Calm offered us tea and snacks during the break. The participants took a break for twenty minutes. A lot of first timers and repeated audience indulged in offline discussions about the talks and their interests.

After the refreshing break, Abraham presented “Setting development environment with Ansible”. It was a lively session with questions flying from all corners of the room, and the speaker answered all of the very well. We didn’t have enough time left for Q&A.

Here is the link to slides.

The last talk of the day was from Srinath about “Building Scalable Server Automation with Python”. Srinath talked about the design drawbacks of their product over the years. How each version improved performance and how efficient is the current generation product. This talk was very well received and enabled discussion among the audience.

You can find the slides in Google Drive.

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Thanks to speakers for putting up a great show and, for hosting the event. Hope you had a great time with us.

See you in our next meetup.