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Anisible Workshop – BangPypers September Meetup

September Bangpypers meetup happened at RedHat office in Bannerghata road. 31 people attended the event.

In the previous meetup Abraham presented a talk on ansible. Many participants were interested in it and so we planned for workshop this time.

Abraham started workshop with brief explanation of virtualbox, vagrant and ansible. He helped participants to setup them.

After that he explained simple ansible modules like ping, shell e.t.c and how to run those on target machines.

Later he explained about ansible playbook and how to can configure them.

We had lunch break for about 30 minutes. After resuming from break, he showed a demo of deploying a django web app. Here he used 4 machines(1 load balancer and 3 web apps) and showed hot to automatically configure and orchestrate them.

Then he showed how to update all webservers with zero downtime.

Here are a few photos from workshop.




Workshop content can be found in gitHub.

Thanks to Abraham for conducting workshop and Redhat for hosting the event.