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Django REST Framework workshop – Bangalore October Meetup

The October Bangpypers meetup was held at the BHIVE Workspace at HSR layout. 50+ people turned up for the event.

At 10AM, Siva started off the session (well actually, Haris was late by 10 minutes :P) by introducing REST and comparing it to other ways of API development.


Haris Ibrahim rushed in at around 10.15 and quickly took over, starting with an apology.

Addressing the fact that REST has been around since 2000s, a quick explanation of what it all means was followed up with the hands-on workshop.

The session was structured as a top-down exercise, where the participants, along with the instructor, built a basic inventory system using all the magic (read abstraction) that DRF provides, and then breaking them up into pieces one by one.

It was quite interactive and at times the discussion went off on tangents addressing concerns that people had when building their products.


With a quick 10 minute break in between, we wrapped up the session at around 1.30PM. In case you missed attending the event and feel like going through the content, you can find it here:

DRF Workshop Content

Special thanks to Siva and Anand for organizing the event, and BHIVE for hosting it.

We can’t wait for our next gathering! Feel the same way? Sign up for Bangpypers!