Abhiram Abhiram - Co-Organiser

IoT Workshop – Mar, 2017

For this month (March), we conducted an IOT workshop hosted and presented by Sudhir Rawat and Zeeshan at Microsoft.

The strength of attendance was around 75 people, more than 50% of those who had RSVP-ed which was a good indication of interest.

The first hour was spent in setting up the wifi connection for attendees and providing them with Azure credentials and distributing the Raspberry Pi kits (1 device per table was allotted - for 10 tables). Sudhir and Zeeshan had already arranged for these to be distributed efficiently, and that helped ease the whole process. Attendees also introduced themselves which allowed for a demographic expectation to be set - most people wanted an introductory hands-on experience with IOT.

Once the logistics was out of the way, the IOT Hub setup, storage configuration etc on the Azure platform was taught. The Pi devices provided had been pre-loaded with Raspbian and Python programs to communicate with the device connected. The 3 main tasks that this workshop focused on was, observing how the fingerprint sensor connected to pin 3 (for our setup) of the device relayed an acknowledgement upon being touched, creating a new device on the IOTHub and sending messages using the device to the Azure Analytics module in the Hub using Python.

The talk was well recieved and the feedback was overall very positive, requesting that a second session be conducted to continue the pattern and material of this workshop.

See you all at the next meetup! :)

PS -

The code used in the meetup can be found at Sudhir’s Github link.

Block diagram as presented -