Abhiram Abhiram - Co-Organiser

Algorithms Workshop – Mar, 2017

For the second session in this month (March), we decided to conduct a beginners’ workshop on Algorithms implemented in Python and this was hosted by Karthika at ThoughtFactory and the speaker was Ankur (co-founder, Numerate Labs). An afternoon session was conducted for this week as well and it started post-mic and projector logistics around 2.30 PM.

Ankur started with a description of time and space complexities, delving deeper into comparisons of different algorithms’ worst time complexities - taking sorting as his primary example. This was followed by allowing the attendees to implementing out the various sorting algorithms in Python on their own - bubble and selection for starters and then the slightly more complex - Merge Sort.

Then there was a 15 minute break with good snacks provided by ThoughtFactory.

The second half of the session focussed on searching and trees, specifically - Binary Search Trees. The scope of the overall session was decided to end here so as to allow for attendees to digest these preliminary topics, so that they would be able to appreciate the intermediate-level topics better in coming sessions.

Thanks to Ankur for conducting an informative workshop and to ThoughtFactory for hosting the event.

Hope you all had a good time learning. See you again next time!

Here are a few snapshots from the meetup -