Abhiram Abhiram - Co-Organiser

Talks – Sep, 2019

September 2019’s meetup was held at Visa Inc, Bangalore and the theme was largely about Design - patterns, applications etc. Pursuant to that, the 3 talks that happened were -

  • Design patterns 101 (Ritesh - Software Engineer at Cyware) : Slides for Ritesh’s talk can be found here

  • Design pattern for distributed architectures (Jitendra - VP Engineering at Hotstar) : Slides for Jitendra’s talk are available here

  • Organize your bookshelf using Micropython (Vinay - Sr. Software Engineer at Visa) : Content for Vinay’s talk can be found here. The site can load a bit slowly because of the amount of graphic content on it.

Thank you all for coming and thanks to Visa Inc for giving us the venue for the event and for a scrumptious lunch!! :)

There will be no meetup organized in October, because Pycon India 2019 - the largest Python meetup in the country - is happening! If you’re going to be there as well, see you there!

Additional resources for you to check out -

Some images from September’s meetup -