Anirudha Kumar Anirudha - Co-Organiser

Guidelines for BangPypers Dev Sprints

How do you get started on open source programming? How can you contribute to that framework you’ve been itching to add an extra feature to? How do you get guidance and get help pushing your changes to merge upstream?

If you’ve wondered on the above at least once, then you’re in dire need to attend one of our dev sprints.

What is Dev Sprint ?

Dev sprint is a day long activity where participants work on FOSS projects. The task can be to fix a bug, add a new feature, improve test coverage, write documentation. Participants should bring their own laptop.

If you’re getting started with programming, have been pushing changes upstream for years or just want to brush up your skills, dev sprints are excellent place to interact with the rest of open source programming community and learn about new and challenging problems they’re facing.

Here’s beautiful piece on Making the most of the PyCon sprints.

As for BangPypers, we follow a list of strict guidelines to select the best project for each sprint:

  1. Projects need to be in Python.
  2. Only those projects with an existing issue/bug lists will be considered. Project issues submitted for dev sprint, should be labelled BangPypers.
  3. Projects need to have at least 1 maintainer present on dev sprint day for throughout the duration of the event.
  4. Projects should have a contributing doc. An example of contributing document. If not, we(BangPypers) can help set it up for the project.
  5. Projects must have a public repository under appropriate open source license. Please do not bring in your enterprise softwares in private repositories. Private repos will not be considered.
  6. Projects should be actively developed/maintained. We’ll check the Last commits and commit frequency on repo.
  7. Also label your issues with classifiers like good-first-issue or beginner and intermediate or advanced to make it easier to select issues to work from.

Submit your project here:

Guidelines for the participants:

  • Your own Laptop with pre-configured needed softwares to get started with.
  • Read the description or readme for the project you’re interested in. Go through any and all pre-requisites for the project. Try and setup the project on your system before coming down.
  • Knowledge of Git/svn/hg depending on the what the project uses.
  • Read and abide by the Code of Conduct that your project might have. Here’s an example of Code of Conduct.

How can I pick up a project ?

Please go through list of projects and their issues. If the project is interesting enough, pick the project. If you have any doubts in the project, please leave a comment here and clear your doubt. Please go through the issue tracker and pick an issue to work on. If the issue isn’t clear ask the questions .

Don’t worry if you feel nervous and all this seems a bit intimidating. We’ll have mentors to guide you every step of the way.

Here’s some of our previous dev sprints:

Get ready for our next Bangpypers Dev Sprint of 2020 in March. RSVP opens a month before the event so that you can study and select your desired project and get acquainted with the mentor.