Abhiram Abhiram - Co-Organiser

Flask Workshop 2020

Date: 23 May 2020

We at Bangpypers do workshops every now and then to break away from the monotony of talks (even if they aren’t really monotonous). And this time we requested Vinay Keerthi - a programmer I’ve come to regard as extremely passionate about the art and the trade of programming.

We started at 10.30 AM on the dot on a Zoom call. This was our second Online meetup (no thanks to Covid-19). The original plan was to wrap up by 1.30 PM but thanks to a rapt audience, the scope of the session and a super-energetic Vinay, we went on all the way up to 4.30 PM! 🙂

What was discussed in the workshop?

  • Quick Introduction to Decorators
  • Introduction to Flask
  • Adding Routes
  • Debugging Flask with VS Code
  • Flask Modularization
  • Adding a Database
  • Creating a Front End
  • Managing a Large Application

As vast as this scope seemed, Vinay made it extremely easy to follow and also provided a lot of interesting trivia along the way, along with some notes about his mechanical keyboards that some members really enjoyed , links to some interesting libraries that make the coder’s journey a lot more fun and easier and also, his lovely pup Subbi 🙂.

Missed the workshop? No worries, you can catch up completely with the notes listed here - https://github.com/bangpypers/23-05-2020-flask-workshop

It was also recorded and uploaded to Youtube. Catch it here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1C7Oj0KEhgo

Thank you Vinay , and all of you who attended and made this a smashing workshop! 😇