Abhiram Abhiram - Co-Organiser

Talks – Jul, 2020

We had 4 talks in the online meetup of July 2020. The theme decided as a virtue of talks selected was Testing and Code Quality.

  • The first talk was by Hiral Amodia on Time Complexity using Python. In the process we revisited the different complexities code can take based on input size.
  • The second talk was by Rohit Sanjay on Unit Testing Using Python. He spoke about the virtues of pytest and how it can be exploited to test our code better.
  • The third talk was by Praveen Shirali on Pythonic Interfaces. He spoke about concepts like typehints, metaclasses, composition and also introduced an up-and-coming interface checker library - implements.
  • The fourth and final talk of the day was by Abhiram on Code Quality - the principles and the methods. He spoke about, what he considered where the 4 ways in which Code Quality could be segregated and went on to describe how each could be ensured.

Resources for all of them can be referred here - https://github.com/bangpypers/18-7-2020-Talks

The Online talk was also livestreamed on Youtube and the Recording for the same can be viewed here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVYdPdvS2nQ