Anirudha Kumar Anirudha - Co-Organiser

Dec 2023 Meetup

We had our final meetup of 2023 at Gojek, Indiranagar Bangalore. About 25 people turned up to the event.

Rahul Pydimukkala started out the first talk on ‘Stream processing in Python’. An extensive introduction to reactive streams and how we can process asynchronous streams of data/events in Python using Reactive Extensions library.

Some more learning resources:

We took a short tea and filter coffee break and returned to the second talk by Sasidhar Donaparthi on ‘Vector Databases and Open Source Vector DB Milvus’.

Vector Databases and Open Source Vector DB Milvus

Our third talk continued with Kumar Abhijeet talking on ‘How Patroni solved database reliability at Gojek’. This one needs another bigger session to go down in depths.

How Patroni solved database reliability at Gojek

Our final talk of the day was presented by Abhiram R on Flowise and LLMs.


Fortunately, Gojek was kind enough to record the talks, so we can make them available on ou YouTube:

BangPypers Decemeber 2024 Meetup

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