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January 2024 Meetup

BangPypers commenced its 2024 journey with the first meetup of the month on January 20, 2024, at Microsoft Reactor, Bangalore. The meetup was attended by 40 people who were a mix of new faces and returning members. We had a diverse lineup of three talks involving MicroPython, Poetry, and Dunderhell (writing Python code using only dunders).

We started with Md Moinuddin presenting the talk MicroPython - Python for Microcontrollers. Moinuddin provided an introduction and history of MicroPython, followed by a short demo on how to execute Python code on a microcontroller, and explained his project Gamex. Finally, he explained some differences (and similarities) between CPython and MicroPython to answer the question, “Will my Python code run on MicroPython?”

Md Moinuddin presenting MicroPython - Python for Microcontrollers

Our second talk was presented by Pratik Pathak on “Time to Ditch requirements.txt and VENV, Start using Poetry now”. Pathak started by demonstrating an issue on why using a simple requirements.txt file for our Python projects is not enough. He then explained how using Poetry can simplify Python’s packaging and dependency management.

Pratik Pathak presenting Time to Ditch requirements.txt and VENV, Start using Poetry now

We took a short 5-minute break and then gathered back for our final talk.

Finally, Tushar Sadhwani presented his talk “How I made Dunderhell, the Ugliest Python Minifier”. Tushar explained how he wrote a tool called Dunderhell, which converts Python code to only contain dunder (or magic) methods! Although seemingly fun(ny) project, Sadhwani used it to explain the “Visitor design pattern,” which is what is being used in formatters like black and other transpilers.

Tushar Sadhwani presenting How I made Dunderhell, the Ugliest Python Minifier

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