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April 2024 Meetup

BangPypers organized its April meetup on April 20, 2024, with a fantastic turnout of more than 85 participants, many of them were newcomers eager to be part of the community. We had one talk on core python about GIL and one workshop on applications of Gemini LLM lined up for the event.

The first talk of the day “Python without a GIL: What the Future Holds” was presented by by Tushar Sadhwani, where he walked us through the history of GIL (Global Interpreter Lock), demonstrated the pros and cons of the GIL by providing a live demo on Multi-Threading and Multi-Processing in existing Python. Finally, Tushar demonstrated how can we run disable the GIL in Python 3.13 and showed us the benefits of it. Finally, he also cautioned us about the threading bugs that we need to look out for which we used to take for granted when GIL was enabled. The talk sparked engaging discussions about concurrency and parallelism in Python, leaving attendees excited about the possibilities ahead.

Tushar presenting Python without a GIL: What the Future Holds

After the first talk we took a short tea break and networking session where lot of audiance members got to interact with each other and our speakers as well.

The second part of the meetup featured a workshop by Google For Developers on Gemini. Participants had the opportunity to delve into Function Calling feaure of Gemini, by Madhup Sukoon. The workshop provided hands-on experience and practical insights about Gemini, enriching the attendees’ understanding of LLM models. Madhup also answered all the questions from our audiance during the workshop.

Madhup conducting workshop on Function Calling feaure of Gemini

The meetup concluded with a tasty lunch where the participants got opportunities to network with each other and our speakers. Special thanks to Google for Developers for being the sponsor of the event, and the speakers sharing their knowledge and expertise.


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